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An adaptation of MOTHER COURAGE, Lunch Lady Courage explores themes of hunger and poverty present in the lunchrooms of LAUSD schools. 


From the Cornerstone Theatre Company's description:

" ... rooted in the stories of people who plan, prepare, serve and consume the food that fuels a typical school day.

This play will explore the world of “lunch ladies” and cafeteria workers, administrators and students, tater tots and chocolate milk. We’ll learn from the school food heroes who are working to make cafeterias a source of healthy and appealing options, in the face of daunting challenges on many fronts ranging from budget cuts to adolescent tastes."

LAHSA is proud to partner with the Cornerstone Theatre Company to bring this part of their Hunger Cycle to the Cocoanut Grove theatre!

2012 - 2013 Locker

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Lunch Lady Courage - Spring 2013

Produced in association with Cornerstone Theatre Company
Directed by Chris Anthony
Written by Peter Howard

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(photo assets courtesy of Kevin Michael Campbell, all rights reserved)


High school is a hustle. At least it is in Lunch Lady Courage, Cornerstone’s third play in The Hunger Cycle.  When Ana, aka Lunch Lady Courage, arrives at an urban campus with her food cart of healthy “Grab n Go” meals, she doesn’t expect to find a shadow economy. Donuts and candy sales raise funds for student clubs, an enterprising student peddles homemade tortas from his backpack, and a teacher sells Hot Cheetos to pay for classroom necessities. California spends nearly seven times more on its prison inmates than its K-12 students, and childhood obesity numbers are skyrocketing – so what’s a lunch lady to do?  Inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and her Children and the people working and learning in Los Angeles schools, Lunch Lady Courage explores what happens when one cafeteria worker battles for the future and health of her own children, and the hundreds she serves every day.


Alan Erazo

Alberto Hernandez

Arely Diaz

Clara Choi

David Toledo

Genesis Ramirez

Jessie Rosa

Jocelyn Garcia

Juan-Luis Romero

Maria Chavez

Maria Rosas

Marilin Lopez

Michael Mejia

Monica Orellana

Rachael Portillo

Ronnie Catalan

Yanet Velasquez

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