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It's the turn of the 20th century in Grover's Corners, and its residents lead perfectly normal, ordinary lives. There's nothing much remarkable about the town or its populace.


And that's what makes life, love, and death in Grover's Corners a thing of wonder.

2013 - 2014 Locker

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OurTown - Fall 2013

Directed by Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx



Stage Manager                              
Kathy Chavez / David Toledo

Dr. Gibbs                                          
Chris Castro

Joe Crowell                                     
Byron Cortez

Howie Newsome                          
Alberto Hernandez

Mrs. Gibbs                                       
Diana Martinez

Mrs. Webb                                       
Sharon Figueroa

George Gibbs                                  
Kevin Linares

Rebecca Gibbs                                
Jocelyn Garcia

Wally Webb                                    
Jeffery Leiva

Emily Webb                                     
Josephine De Castro

Professor Willard                          
Kimberly Ledezma

Mr. Webb                                         
Michael Mejia

Woman in balcony                       
Genesis Ramirez

Person in Auditorium                  
Jennifer Martinez

Lady in the Box                             
Cynthia Hernandez

Simon Stimson                              
Ronnie Catalan

Mrs. Soames                                   
Rachael Portillo

Constable Warren                        
Erin Cardona

Si Crowell                                        
Faiyad Rasid

The Baseball Players                    
Jasmine Rosales
Jenifer De Leon
Amy Ramirez

Sam Craig                                        
Joshua Park

Joe Stoddard                                 
Jasmine Rosales

The Dead                                         
Esther Morales
Angelica Gonzalez
Jackie Hernandez
Consuelo Hernandez