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ZOOT SUIT tells the story of Henry Reyna, a pachuco from East L.A. On the eve of his departure for the Navy, Henry is brutally assaulted by a rival. When his friends take to the streets to find revenge, they wind up in a brawl that leaves an innocent man dead.  Is Henry a victim of circumstance? Or is he really the ringleader behind the 38th street gang? Will he find justice, or will he listen to what his enigmatic companion, El Pachuco, has to say about the system he's fighting?


Set around World War II and L.A.'s infamous Zoot Suit Riots, ZOOT SUIT gives us a look at the racial politics that shaped L.A.'s past and contribute to its present.


LAHSA is honored to have been able to bring Luis Valdez's groundbreaking work to the Cocoanut Grove stage.

Zoot Suit - Winter 2011

Produced in association with El Teatro Campesino
Directed by Esther Soliman

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El Pachuco                 Henry Reyna
 Dennis Rivas             Miguel Galdamez

Press                         Georgia Shearer
 Arely Diaz                  Evelin Gutierrez

Alice                           Lt. Edwards / Judge
 Victoria Sebastian      Jasmine Thompson

Della Barrio                 Rudy Reyna
 Cheyenne Mendiola    Eduardo Osorio

Lupe Reyna                Dolores Reyna
 Emma Mireles             Monica Morales

Enrique Reyna            Joey Castro
 Marco Perez               Juan Luis Romero

Bertha Villarreal         Smiley Torres
 Rosie Paco                 Eswien Faena

Elena Torres               Tommy Roberts
 Marilen Matias           David Toledo

Flaca Mendez             Rafas
 Stacy Umana              Otoniel Ceballos

Little Blue
 Esther Kim                 Erin Cardona
 Maria Aguilar              Victoria Marin

Prison Guard/Sailor     Balif/Cub Reporter
 Josue Magallon          Jaime Ganuza

Sgt. Smith/Newsboy
 Manuel Sagastizado   Ramon Alvarez

Karen Quiroz

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