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Federico Garcia Lorca's epic tragedy is brought to life on the Belmont Stage!  On the day of her wedding, The Bride is confronted by Leonardo, her spurned former lover. 


What role will each play in the day's events, and how will The Bride react to the knowledge that Leonardo's passion for her still burns?

Blood Wedding - Spring 2001

Directed by Esther Soliman


Viviana Sepulveda - The Mother

Stephanie Collado - The Bride

Eva Barrientos - La Suegra

Juan Garcia- Leonardo

Jacquelyn Vergara - Leonardo's Wife

Frances Armijos - The Maid

Laura Alcantara - The Neighbor

Jael Romero - First Girl

Karen Martinez - Second Girl

Nathali Flores - Third Girl

Jessica Puebla - Fourth Girl

Jose Valladarez - Bridegroom

Cedric Ramirez - The Father of the Bride

Luz Munoz - The Moon

Rosalyn Vasquez - Beggar Woman

J.R. Talag - First Woodcutter

German Sierra - Second Woodcutter