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ELECTRICIDAD is a cholo-inspired retelling of the Sophocles' tragedy Elektra.  Set amidst the 90s gang culture of East Los (Angeles), Electricidad marries the divine tragedy of the Greek source with the complexities of modern family. Electricidad, daughter of slain gang-leader Orestes, madly protects her father's decaying body, building an alter for him in her front yard. She is torn between upholding the gang rites and customs that defined Orestes, and pushing past the vengeful trappings of life in the barrio to liberate herself. When her long lost brother returns from exile, she must choose between revenge or compassion.

Electricidad - Winter 2009

Directed by Vincent Tula


Lourdes Robles

Charlie Paco

Samantha Mendiola

Dennis Rivas

Jasmine Samayoa

Regine Osorio

Brenda Salas

Nayeli Pacheco

Keyla Sebastian