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Freshman Schedule

Our 9th grade program introduces new students to the rigors of high school. As part of their introduction to theatre and technical arts, Freshmen take a survey course in Design and Drama (one semester each), allowing them to sample each of our areas of concentration. In their English and Cultural Geography classes, coordinated thematic units show how ideas and concepts can resonate across disciplines. For their first Linked Learning project, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Science and English are brought together for a charity drive with proceeds donated to Heifer International.

English 9

Cultural Geography:

Integrated Math 1:

Intro to Acting (1 Semester):

Intro to Design (1 Semester):

Beginning Technical Theatre/Design  gives a sample of what the Technical Theatre and Theatre Design classes can offer students.  It provides a look into the pacing, content, and format of the courses in the pathway.  The beginning course also provides students initial professional pieces to begin the compilation of artistic pieces for the capstone portfolio (to be focused on in Performing Artists).  This CTE course is designed to be the preparation for the students’ internship in the design pathway in the junior and senior year and assists them with career development in the entertainment industry.  This class focuses on skills needed to be successful in the courses that will follow teaching foundation skills essential to the theatre technician.  Industry professionals provide necessary feedback and evaluation for unit assessments in order to ramp up the rigor in the course. 

Physical Education:

Spanish Language / Spanish for Native Speakers: