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Senior Schedule

The finish line is in sight! For 12th grade, LAHSA students engage with the world around them, examining policy in US Government and Economics, while reading corresponding materials in English. Work on college admissions essays, exams and applications happens in the fall as they return to school, with students looking closely at their future prospects. Advanced concentrations in Drama and Design allow them to further refine the skills they've cultivated while building a portfolio of previous work, and a number of electives help round out the Senior schedule. At the end of May, after the bustle of AP testing and Prom, 12th graders deliver a Senior Defense which asks them to reflect on their high school experiences and analyze their growth as individuals.

English 12: 

U.S. Government (1 Semester):

Economics (1 Semester):

Math Analysis:

Advanced Acting (Semester):


Advanced Design (Semester):