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The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan is a punk-rock retelling of J.M. Barrie's children's classic. Here, Pan's clash with Captain Hook, his leadership of the Lost Boys, his rescue of Tiger Lily, and his relationship with Wendy are given a second look. We all know the story of the Boy Who Never Grew Up, but why exactly did he want to stay a child? Is it a love of adventure and freedom, or a fear of responsability and women that keeps the boy from becoming a man?


The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan was the last time LAHSA students performed a full-length theatrical production on the Belmont stage.

The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan - Winter 2010

Directed by Annie Simons


Ricardo Panameno

Brenda Salas

Frank Alas

Jamie Vasquez

Charlie Paco

Yomy Lopez

Gerardo Gutierrez

 Jennifer Sierra

Kevin Santiago

Samantha Mendiola

Juan Castanon

Cheyenne Mendiola

Johanan Rodriguez

Victoria Sebastian

Nam Soo Kim

Ludwin Marroquin

Jasmine Thompson

Stacy Umana

Jacqueline Bahena

Miguel Galdamez

Juan Luis Romero

Eduardo Osorio

Carlos Alvarez

Berenice Hernandez

Rosa Diaz

Sofia Jurado