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Current Clubs

Tree Troopers

Teacher: Ms. Aller

Room 465

Wednesdays at Lunch


Upcoming Projects:

* Beach Clean-up

* Tree Planting

* Community Clean-up

* Waste Reduction

* Recycling Project


To participate in any in- and off-campus projects and field trips you must have 100% attendance to club meetings and at least a passing grade in all your classes.


Student Leadership

Teacher: Ms. Roughan

Room 405

Advisory and After-School


LAHSA's Student Leadership organizes school events (such as Cali Day, Ally Week, and the annual RFK Haunted Hall), participates in site-wide school dances, leads per-class fundraising and helps distribute announcements throughout the LAHSA advisories. Representatives are chosen by election -- at the end of the year for continuing students, and at the end of August for Freshmen -- and serve various positions in the Leadership class. See what we're up to on Instagram @Lahsa.Leadership!



Financial Literacy Club

Teacher: Mr. Lutz

Room 468


Have you ever felt like you wanted more money? Have you ever been interested in starting a bank account, and do you know how to set a budget for yourself? If so, the financial literacy club might be for you. In it you will learn the basics of healthy financial habits in order to create a foundation on which to build wealth. The first semester we will cover basic topics such as being consumer savvy, understanding the risks and benefits of debt, credit cards, how to use the bank, understanding taxes, saving money, buying a house, and student loans. The second semester we will learn about ways you can start to build wealth from starting a business, about career exploration, and investing in stock markets and real estate.


Please note that this is a book club. You will have to read a chapter from “Money and Teens”, by Wes and Darby Karchut each week so that you can understand what we will be discussing. You will get your own copy that you can keep.


Thespian Society

Teacher: Ms. Simons

Room C114

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday at lunch


Thespian Society is a nationally recognized honor society for theatre students. LAHSA's Thespian Society members display leadership and collaborative skills to support our after-school theatre program, organize outings to see theatre, and give back to the LAHSA community by funding two senior scholarships each year.


LAHSA Music Club

Teacher: Mr. Galan

Room 452

After School


LAHSA's Music Club builds interest and skill at performance, musical instruments, and musical styles.