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The old ways are broken. Agamenon, jefe of cholos, has been slain by the calculating Clemencia, who believes its time to let old rivalries die. Eager to leave strip malls and territorial hatred behind, Clemencia has her eye on a nice suburban home in the valley.


But Electricidad, the doting daughter, refuses to lay the King of Cholos in foreign lands. She tends to his body in their front yard, vecinas chismiando all the while. Will Electricidad let go of the old ways, or will her exiled brother, Orestes, return to usher in a new era of the Cholo? And at what cost?

Electricidad - Spring 2015

Directed by Annie Simons

La Casa de Atridas:

Electricidad- Genesis Ramirez

Iphigenia- Genesis Gonzalez

Orestes- Osmin Contreras

Clemencia- Rachael Portillo

Abuela- Alpha Zavaleta

Nino- Kevin Zelaya


Las Vecinas:

La Carmen- Zaira Gutierrez

La Cuca- Tatiana Velasquez

La Connie- Moriah Njoku


Barrio Coro/Ensemble:

Herbert Alfonzo

Erick Avila

Daniela Belman

David Calvo

Evelyn Cortez

Angelica Gonzalez

Octavio Lopez

Elena Menjivar

Kimberly Ledezma



Electricidad- Kimberly Ledezma

Orestes- Herbert Alfonso

Clemencia- Jasmine Rosales

Abuela- Diana Martinez

Nino- Victor Morales

Vecinas- Jennifer Angulo

               Katerin Gonzalez

               Jakeline Henriquez