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The Bard's timeless tale of tyranny, betrayal and fate is updated for the post 9-11 world. Macbeth, a capable soldier in a war-torn middle eastern country, siezes power in a coup inspired by three enchanting witches. But his madness and paranoia consume him as he pushes the state to the brink of total war. Is this just punishment, or the actions of a man plagued by guilt?

Macbeth - Fall 2009

Directed by Esther Soliman


Charlie Paco

Victoria Sebastian

Frank Alas

Regine Osorio

Lourdes Robles

Samantha Mendiola

Stacy Umana

Keyla Santisteban

Elizabeth Rosales

Quanie Mills

Jose Luis Leon

Jennifer Sierra

Carlos Alvarez

Jamie Vasquez

Richard Coto

Sofia Jurado

Cheyenne Mendiola